What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog

Have you found a stray dog and now you’re wondering what should you do in order to help this poor pet? Here we’ve got some suggestions for you which might help you do the right thing when you find a lost dog.

1) Take a clear picture of the lost dog

Take out your smart phone and get a clear picture of the dog, you can upload the image to many websites online just like lostdoggie.org and they will post it for the public.

There is a good chance the dog owner will find it and will contact you.

2) Post on related Facebook groups

Use the local Facebook groups available that you can find to ask if someone knows to whom this dog belongs to.

Also, there are some Facebook groups about lost pets which you can use to let them know about your finding. There you can find some people that care and would love to help you.

3) Hang a poster near the place where you’ve found him

Upload the captured image to your computer and create a quick word document, include the photo of the lost dog and your contact numbers, and pray that someone will call you as soon as possible.

So what to do with a lost dog? one of the issues is that you don’t know what is the dog’s name, so you can’t even call him… so what else is there to do in case someone find a dog? If you have any good idea please post your comment below so that other people can read it and apply.

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